Friday, September 3, 2010

Rescue: The Embassy Mission

Rescue: The Embassy Mission
So the first game I was recommended to check out was Rescue - The Embassy Mission for the NES. I had never heard of it, but found it no problem and loaded it up. I was greeted to an intro of sorts, no explanation to a backstory or anything. Just a S.W.A.T. van shows up and BAM you're there dodging spotlights, ducking in and out of buildings. Needless to say, I had to restart twice before I got the hang of it, but when I did, oh man this game was fun.

What I Liked: It was entertaining, and the difficulty provided me with a sense of huge satisfaction when I finally was able to beat the first level. I also oddly enjoyed that there was no aiming system when you are clearing the Embassy of the terrorists. Instead, you just run around and hold A to mow them down. The sniper sections were really simple, but again, entertaining. The running and dodging spotlights was also fairly entertaining, but by the time I reached the 3rd level, I just wanted to get inside and shoot some bad guys!
Run from those deadly spotlights!
What I Hated: There was little to no explanation of... anything. There was, what I would call, a very steep learning curve. There also is little-to-no difference between levels. The spotlights move faster and the terrorists just shoot you quicker, but it's all the same level layouts. Also, I could imagine that people would complain a lot about the length of this game. One could literally beat the entire game in 2 hours if they were good at it.

Mow down those terrorists with your A button!
My Impression: I enjoyed this game. It was very entertaining, and I know that if I was born 10 years earlier, this would be up there on my favorites. It feels like the predecessor to the tactical squad shooters of today, even though you only control one person at a time. I honestly couldn't think of anything this game was similar to. It has three very distinct parts of the game that are all similar to different games (Sniper Part = Sniper Assassin the Flash Game), the game as a whole is not specifically like anything I've ever played before.

Though it is very short, there is a great deal of replayability as the game forces you to change strategies the more difficult the level gets. Training is a run-and-gunner while Jupiter (who names the hardest level Jupiter? Maybe it was something to do with the decade?) forces you to be much more careful and strategic about your actions.

**No GameFaqs were used in this playthrough, though I did consult my friend about rappelling as I could not figure out what to do and died for 10 minutes straight**


polyesterr said...

great blog! <3 old nes games

David Davidson said...

Requesting you try the original Metroid next.

CrapfileYP said...

lol, never played this one.

Ryan said...

original metroid? hmm i'll see if i can find that asap. thanks man

DogsRGrate! said...

Original Metroid would be perfect for this. I bet he's going to hate it, I think when most people reminisce about original metroid, they're thinking about super metroid instead

cephyn said...

I was a big fan of this game...i liked all the different parts. hadn't thought about it in YEARS....thanks!

NintendoLegend said...

I loved Rescue, even while I was annoyed at its limited gameplay. I actually think it was rather prescient for its time -- not many other other NES games had a first-person shooter portion, etc. Overall, though... *shrug* Not like it's top-of-the-heap or anything. Solid review!

Instruct-ARS said...

I loved this game, i played it on NES, it was really good.....thanks

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